What Are the Different Kinds of Automotive Wrecker Vehicles?

Wheel lift tow trucks are very similar to the hook and chain ones; however, they use a metal yoke instead of a chain. This is hooked beneath the front or the rear wheels of a towed vehicle. Using a hydraulic hoist, the front or the back part of a vehicle will be raised from the ground while it is being towed.

Flatbed trucks, have a large bed on the rear of the truck. With the help of hydraulics, it can be raised or lowered in order to form a ramp. The vehicle will either be driven or pulled using a winch onto the bed. Once a vehicle is secured, hydraulics are used to level the flatbed in order to transport it. Flatbeds are the more preferred choice when transporting vehicles due to the fact that they do not put any pressure on a vehicle or pull it for a period of time. Instead, all the stress is on the tow truck.

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