A Short Guide for Towing Service Providers

Being a towing service provider is definitely not easy and requires a lot of training. A contractor should not only be equipped with a reliable vehicle but should also have plenty of knowledge on car repair and vehicle maintenance. Here are 3 of the most common mistakes which inexperienced towing companies do:

  1. Mismatched towing equipment. A roadside assistance service provider should make sure that the towing vehicle that he sends is suitable for towing safely the weight and size of the respective vehicle that has a problem. A towing specialist should never use a rope or tow strap for extended towing.

  2. Limited visibility. The vehicle’s size will most probably influence the visibility of the tow truck driver. Good visibility is of major importance when the tow truck operator has to make basic maneuvers such as backing up towed vehicles, making turns, and changing lanes. Using pre-arranged hand signals is a great way which the towing service team can communicate – it decreases the risk of misinterpreting directions.

  3. Tire blowout. When towing a really heavy vehicle, the tires of the tow truck are put at hazard as well. This is why a roadside assistance provider has to be always prepared for such a problem with a pair of spare tires and the respective knowledge needed to replace them fast.

If you want to feel safe knowing that the towing specialist that you have the contacts of is a reliable one and the team that he works with is properly trained to perform even the most complicated towing maneuvers, you’d better call Xtreme Towing. We are a company that serves the area of San Antonio, TX and offers competitive prices for the members of the local community! We will not only diagnose your vehicle problem but will also take you to a local auto repair shop where expert mechanics will help you solve them. In order to book a roadside assistance service with us, dial (210) 530-0754!


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